The Durham Valley Scenic Byway spotlights a region where mountains begin quite dramatically with the Catskill Escarpment rising up suddenly from the Hudson Valley. Designated as Scenic Roads "of extraordinary scenic quality" by Environmental Conservation Commissioner Thomas C. Jorling in 1991, the Byway traverses a unique landscape. The corridor management plan will serve as a resource management guide and present strategies to conserve and interpret the Byway's diverse resources, as well as promote tourism and economic development.

Durham Valley Scenic Byway Draft Corridor Management Plan
The Durham Valley Scenic Byway Draft Corridor Management Plan is available as one large file (69MB) or as smaller individual sections. If you choose the single, large file, be sure to save it to your computer to make future access significantly faster. All files will open in a new browser window.

Full Corridor Management Plan (large file)   69 MB PDF

Cover 942 KB PDF
Vision 468 KB PDF
Acknowledgements   96 KB PDF
Table of Contents   86 KB PDF
Introduction 3.8 MB PDF
Public Participation 1.2 MB PDF
Vision and Goals 547 KB PDF
Intrinsic Qualities and Stewardship
  Scenic 9.7 MB PDF
  Natural 7.8 MB PDF
  Agricultural 7.6 MB PDF
  Cultural 4.6 MB PDF
  Recreational 612 KB PDF
Resource Composite 5.7 MB PDF
Transportation 750 KB PDF
Signage 1.3 MB PDF
Tourism and Economic Development 608 KB PDF
Marketing, Promotion and Education 1.3 MB PDF
Wayfinding and Resource Interpretation 840 KB PDF
Financial Resources 115 KB PDF
Support and Implementation   87 KB PDF
Appendix A - Community Resolutions and Support Letters   78 KB PDF
Appendix B - Historic Property List (1997 Survey)
  1 - 206 4.6 MB PDF
  207 - 349 4.7 MB PDF
  350 - 441 3.7 MB PDF
  442 - 551 3.6 MB PDF
  552 - 767 3.1 MB PDF
Appendix C - Durham Valley Scenic Byway Website 544 KB PDF
Appendix D - Newspaper Articles 454 KB PDF
Appendix E - Sign Inventory 3.5 MB PDF

Project Information
Open House Presentation
May 15, 2010
4.2 MB PDF
Open House Meeting Notes
September 27, 2008
  34 KB PDF
Open House Presentation
September 27, 2008
3.4 MB PDF
Planning Brochure 2.2 MB PDF

Meeting Announcements
May 15, 2010 198 KB PDF
September 27, 2008 326 KB PDF
July 1, 2008 330 KB PDF

Corridor Management Plan Maps
Setting 513 KB PDF
Scenic Byway Corridor 1.1 MB PDF
Viewshed Analysis - Unforested 4.6 MB PDF
Viewshed Analysis - Forested 4.3 MB PDF
Hydric Soils 2.6 MB PDF
Forested Areas 4.6 MB PDF
Agricultural Resources 7.2 MB PDF
Wayfinding and Interpetive Framework 528 KB PDF
Historic Resources 3.7 MB PDF

Planning Projects
The Durham Valley
Agriculture & Open Space
Hudson River Headwaters Protection Plan

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